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Bournemouth Anglo-Italian Society
est. 1945
Beginners Class        
This class is for those completely new to Italian or who have a little knowledge but want to start from the  beginning again. The course progresses from absolute beginners in September and is repeated every year; each lesson is themed and includes elements of grammar. The class is taught by an experienced teacher with a long association with Italy, very patient and charming.

Improvers 1 Class
This class aims to build on and reinforce the lessons learned in the Beginners class.
Practical Italian and grammar in real life situations. Taught by an enthusiastic teacher   who delivers enjoyable lessons.
Improvers 2 Class
This class is  for those who have a basic knowledge of Italian or are progressing from Improvers 1 class. While aspects of grammar are covered, students are encouraged to participate in practical spoken sessions.
Conversation Class                                                                                  This class is based on spoken Italian and is ideal for those who are willing to participate at conversing in Italian.  A variety of subjects form the bases of this informal class where contributions from the students are encouraged, including the reading of Italian texts. The class is led by an experienced teacher who has worked in Italy for many years.
Classes are led by enthusiastic individuals who have acquired a long experience at teaching Italian. They do so on a voluntary bases and make every effort to cater for the wide range of abilities.

We do not follow any standard method or syllabus and do not provide certificates or prepare for exams. Classes are therefore relaxed and enjoyable, but equally useful to those who wish to learn the language.
Language classes  are held every Tuesday from mid September till late May.
(Excluding the Christmas and Easter breaks)

Lessons begin at 7.30pm promptly and finish at 8.45pm
(There is a committee member to open the door of the College; aim to arrive by 7.20pm)

Classes are followed by refreshments in the College refectory.