1. Oltrepó Pavese Riesling    DOC  2018  Famiglia Guarini  Pavia
Regione:  Lombardia        Source:  Lidl     £ 6.99
Characteristics: From Riesling Italico and Renano grapes. Straw yellow, clear, with delicately fruity aromas. Pleasantly flowing
palate, fresh, light and fragrant. Slightly almondy aftertaste. Dry, 12.5%

            Your score  ..Mean 3 Total (84) Order of preference 3rd

2. Roero Arneis   DOCG 2018  Cantina Massucco

Regione: Piemonte            Source:  Negozio del Vino Italy (Online)  £ 9.30 (includes posting from Italy)
Characteristics: Made from 100% Arneis grapes in the Roero area of Castagnito,
            this prestigious wine is bright straw yellow with a fine and elegant bouquet of white
           flowers and fruity notes of apple, peach and hazelnut. The taste is pleasant, full and
           harmonious with a slight bitter aftertaste. Combines well with antipasti, sea food,
           sushi, fresh cheeses, spaghetti alle vongole. Dry, 13.5%     

            Your score      Mean 3  Total (74) Order of preference 4th

3. Lambrusco Grasparossa   DOC  “Centenario”  Cantina Cleto Chiarli

Regione: Emilia-Romagna     Source: Negozio del Vino Italy (Online)  £ 8.00 (inc. posting)
Characteristics: Made with 100% grapes Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro using a traditional method, this dry wine is brilliant
red with a rich pink foam and a vinous and richly fruity aroma. The palate is dry, pleasantly flavoursome, exhuberant and attractive.
Combines well with rich first courses, tortellini, gnocchi al ragú, cannelloni, as well as with roasts and cheeses. 11%

Your Score Mean 2  Total (65)  5th

4. Bardolino Classico    DOC  2018  Cantina Masi

Regione: Veneto          Source:  Negozio del Vino Italy (Online)   £ 8.40 (inc. posting)
Characteristics: Made with a blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes,
            this Bardolino is light and aromatic and easy drinking.  Light ruby red, it has
            aromas of plums and cherries followed by hints of black pepper. On the palate it is
          flowing, open, fresh and lingering. A wine to be enjoyed with all types of food. 12.5%

           Your score  Mean 4  Total (124)  1st

5. Barco Reale di Carmignano    DOC  2016  Cantina Capezzana

Regione:  Toscana         Source:  Negozio del Vino Italy (Online)  £10.35 (inc. posting)
Characteristics: The wine takes its name from the old Medici estate surrounded
            by the 30km wall of the Barco Reale. Made with70% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet-
            Sauvignon and 10% Canaiolo. Deep ruby red, the aroma is intense and fruity with
            hints of oak. The taste is full and soft, well defined by its tannins that balance its
            freshness, followed by a good persistent fruitiness. Good with rich first courses and
            meat dishes. Serve in wide glasses at 18oC         13.5%
            Your score   Mean 3  Total (102)  2nd


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