La Festa di carnevale                           
Tuesday March 5th 19.30

The presentation on Commedia dell'Arte was very well attended (perhaps lured by the "dolci di Carnevale" and wine waiting in the refectory!)
We were all amazed at the quantity and quality of the delicious food some of the members so generously brought to the festa.

We had real authentic chiacchiere and frappe, frittelle and doughnuts and many others, too many to remember. As we say in Italy, una vera scorpacciata!                 (A bellyfull)
Many wore authentic beautiful masks and we had a great dispay of various Venitian masks showing the mask-making process. Thank you very much to the lady who so kindly brought it along.
All of this contributed to a great carnival atmosphere and lots of fun.

Thank you to everyone then, and now, Ash Wednesday,  we have to start the Quaresima diet (Lent); but not before we finish the leftovers!!