Tuesday 27th February's Festa:
“Paestum, Piranesi and Soane:
The Evolution of  New Aesthetic Horizons”   An Illustrated Talk by John Soane.
The lucky members who braved the inclement weather to attend our Festa, were treated to very interesting, erudite and informative talk by the very eloquent John Soane. His personal talk about his collateral ancestor John Soane and his meeting and relationship with the great artist Giovan Battista Piranesi in Rome, was illustrated by wonderfully relevant photographs. We learned how the 18th century architect was inspired by the classical monuments of Rome and, even more so, by the Greek temples of Paestum, as illustrated by Piranesi in his beautiful drawings.
Mr Soane passionately argued that Piranesi had a lasting influence on the later development of Sir John Soane's architectural style and how the classicism of his creations were subsequently replaced by the Gothic style favoured by Victorian architects in 19th century Britain.
Thank you very much to John Soane for a delightful talk.

Many thanks to all who helped with the food, the setting up and clearing
Sir John Soane, by Sir Thomas Lawrence
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