Useful Links to Italian web sites and Language aids

Warning: Italian websites are sometimes rather poor compared to English ones. So be patient.

Giuseppe Casarrubea blog
This is a blog from a Sicilian social commentator, historian and critic with a high reputation. Not easy, it will stretch your Italian, but very interesting.

The Italian state television "la RAI, Radiotelevisione  Italiana" has a lot of live transmissions. A particular useful one is the 24 hours news channel RAI News 24, where you can get lost in the intricacies of Italian politics. The meteo pages are useful to check what the weather is doing in Italy.

Italian Newspapers

Corriere della Sera

English language section of well known national Italian newspaper. Published daily in Milan.

La Repubblica
Probably one of the best. Small format but it packs a punch and is the most impartial.

The Italian Consulate in London
It provides information and it is useful to obtain documents and application forms online. It also has a cultural site with links to language courses.

Italian Cultural Institute
You can access online courses for adults. Learn Italian online has all the links you need.

Dante Alighieri Society
The international Dante Alighieri Society, founded in Italy in the 19th century, has branches throughout the world affiliated to the Central Committee in Rome. ôLa SocietÓ Dante Alighieri ha lo scopo di tutelare e diffondere la lingua e la cultura italiana nel mondo, tenendo alto dovunque il sentimento d'italianitÓ, ravvivando i legami spirituali dei connazionali all'estero con la madre patria e alimentando tra gli stranieri l'amore e il culto per la civiltÓ italiana."

Some good dictionaries are provided by the Corriere della Sera online. You can choose the Italian dictionary or the Italian-English or English-Italian.

Italian popular music
A site where you can listen to the current Italian pop music. The radio's slogan being "Radio Italia, solo musica italiana" you are garanteed only Italian hits are played. And the talk is not bad at all.

Bournemouth Anglo-Italian Society
est. 1945
Home page
Cucina italiana regionale

Italian cooking remains to this day a regional affair.
This is one of the Italian sites that may be of interest.

Italian Weather
You can check this Italian Weather site for updated information. There is unsettled weather at the moment, see the following link  ..
In italiano purtroppo, ma facile da capire!

Italian Language

is a very useful on-line way to improve vocabulary and spoken language,
and it is fun. https:/


is a Swiss site that provides written texts read out as a podcast. A useful way to test your comprehension and improve pronunciation and vocabulary